Considering the current state and future objectives of the transmission of real live stories and lessons across generations and regions.


Tamiyo Kondo

Associate Professor of Kobe University

Assistance in reconstruction and improvement in education environment after cyclone in Myanmar

Cyclone Nargis, Myanmar, 2006


Thin Aye Aye Ko

Director, Thin Myanmar Language Center

Iza! Kaeru! Caravan (fun 'N learn approach in Yogyakarta

In 2005, a disaster response training called "Iza! Kaeru" Caravan which uses the fun 'n learn approach was developed to commemmorate the 10th anniversary of the Great Hanshin Earthquake. Since 2007, this educational disaster response program has been led by a local univeristy and NGO of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, where the Central Java Earthquake victimized a great number of people. Our activity continues to extend to larger audiences. I will be introducing and sharing the process of this activity in regards to how it started from Kobe to Yogyakarta.


Hirokazu Nagata

Non-Profit Organization: Plus Arts (Osaka)

Our mission is "to incorporate creativity and the infinite possibilities of art, design and architecture to resolve various issues of modern society." By focusing on the invention of the fun 'N' learn disaster response program called "Iza! Kaeru" Caravan, our work is to collaborate with municiple and regional groups as well as businesses to develop and promote educational activities in the evolveing fields of disaster prevention.

Plus Arts, a non profit organization

Disaster Response Drill Involving Children and Teachers
Toward Awareness of Disaster Preparedness for Children:
Developing Iza! Kaeru! Caravan for Indonesian through Yogyakarta


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Department of Architecture and Planning, Faculty of Engineering, Gadjah Mada University

Industry, Agriculture, Treasure and Abundance: the Need for Sustainable Communities and the Lower 9th Ward Model

Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, 2005


Charles Allen

Board Chair and Director, Lower 9th Ward Center for Sustainable Engangement and Development


Holy Cross Neighborhood Association

From Town Building for Earthquake Reconstruction to Town Building for Ordinary Life--An Initiative by Noda-Kita Furusato Net

Kobe Earthquake, 1995

The Noda-Hokubu area, which was devastated by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of 1995, was the first to regain the ordinary life throughout Kobe City. The reconstruction of the area was led by the Noda-Hokubu Machizukuri Kyogikai (Noda-Hokubu Town Buiding Association) which had been set up two years before the 1995 earthquake, going through an active and prompt reconstruction process. Based on the successful experienes of the process, the Kyogikai (Association) contines to help solve problems and further develop the local community by cooperating with local residents, associations, bodies, and NPOs in addressing various local challenges.


Setsuji Kawai

Secretary, Noda-Hokubu Machizukuri Kyogikai (Noda-Hokubu Town Building Association)

Noda-Kita Fufusato Net (Noda-Kita Hometown Network

Born in the Nagata Ward, Kobe City, in 1961. Participated in the Noda-Hokubu Town Building Association since the 1995 Earthquake Associated with Earthquake Reconstruction Kukakusei (Land-Readjustment) Project, Landscape-led-type District Planning Project, Landscape and Environment Development Project Currently engaged in the management of a bicycle parking of the JR Takatori Station in cooperation with the Takatori Community Center

Noda-Kita Furusato Net

Be Close to People in Devastated Areas with Great Respect for their Lives and Culture

Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake,Japan´╝Ü1995

After the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of 1995, I have been active with disaster-stricken areas and victems inside and outside Japan, under the theme of "getting close (to victims)." One must learn not to unilaterally inherit the wisdom and experiences of Japan as a leading nation in disaster prevention and recovery, but to aquaint oneself with the landscape of culture of the stricken area and uncover their buried wisdom by getting closer to the people. That will lead to disaster reduction in the future.


Masamichi Yoshitsubaki

CODE Citizens for Overseas Disaster Emergency

Born in Fukuoka in 1968. After learning martial arts and oriental medicine, began working for NGOs. Joined NGO activities to support indigenous people in North America and hill tribes in Thailand in 1990. Started the "foot bath" volunteers for the 1995 Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and passed the activity on to students for disasters in Chuetsu and the Noto Peninusal. Wrote and published "Inochi wo Mamoru Chie" (Wisdom for Protecting Lives) in 2006 after visiting strickenn areas in Japan in search of disaster mitigation wisdom. Active in stricken areas of Java, Pakistan and Sichuan as staff member of CODE since 2004.

CODE (Citizens for Overseas Disaster Emergency)
NGO Collaboration Center for Hanshin Quake Rehabilitation

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