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Those individuals and organizations from around the world who are committed to undertaking various activities of preserving and disseminating the real live stories and lessons from the experiences of disasters and or those who are interested in learning more about such activities are all welcome to register the "International Forum on Telling Live Lessons from Disasters" (see Appendix 2)

The means of "Live Lesson Telling" in this International Forum ranges from "direct" ones such as oral story-telling to "indirect" ones such as photographs, films, artifacts from disaster site, monuments, artistic works, etc.

All interested participants are asked to notify the Forum Secretariat of the registration by January 31st, 2010 (email: ). Those who wish to present or exhibit at this Forum are requested to attach a brief abstract outlining the presentation in approximately 300 words, in Japanese or English; and to submit necessary presentation materials (Power Point slides, papers, etc.) by February 28th, 2010. (Translation by the Forum Secretariat is under consideration.)

In considering the presentation, participants are requested not only to mention the outline of the concerned initiatives but also to share why the particular project or activity was undertaken, the goals of the project, and the emotions and sentiments behind the initiative as well.

Secretariat of "International Forum on Telling Live Lessons from Disasters"
(Ms. Yoshimi Amakawa, Ms. Noriko Kato Ohtomo)
Postal Address:2-5-20, Kusugaoka-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe, Japan #657-0024
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