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Why, for whom, and for what purpose do we preserve and disseminate the real live stories and lessons from the experiences of disasters? Why Live Lesson Telling? What are at the heart of our activities, and what are the core messages we hope to convey?


How should we envision the significance of Live Lesson Telling activities? From whose perspective should we understand the significance: those who try to convey messages, the audience of the message, the citizen of the disaster-hit areas, the larger society...?


To make sure that such activities are effective, what must be considered in terms of delivery and method? What kind of role would a (disaster) museum take in accomplishing such objectives?

* The means of "Live Lesson Telling" in this International Forum ranges from "direct" ones such as oral story-telling to "indirect" ones such as photographs, films, artifacts from disaster site, monuments, artistic works, etc.

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